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Carpuela, best Cured Manchego Cheese at Expovicaman 2018

In the last edition of Expovicaman 2018, in the category of Artisan Cheese, the prize was awarded to Manchego Cured Carpuela Cheese. Already in previous editions, specifically in 2015, the same cheese company won the prize for the best Manchego Semicurado Cheese. And it is something that has been frequent in recent times, as it […]

Manchego Cheese “Made in México”

Just a few weeks ago we met a commercial agreement between the European Union and Mexico so that the latter country could continue producing cheese classified as “Queso Manchego”. And this despite the fact that nothing has to do with the quality of the original with that produced in the Central American country. The Manchego […]

XVIII Regional Competition of qualities of the Guild of Manchego Cheese.

In the past XVIII Regional competition of qualities, organized by the Brotherhood of Manchego Cheese, the best artisanal manchego cheeses were chosen, with the following presides. Cured eyes of the Guadiana (cheese Ojos del Guadiana, Daimiel), best cured manchego cheese semicurated Navaloshaces (Agropecuaria Navaloshaces, Corral de Calatrava), best semicured Manchego cheese Cured Corcuera (cheeses Corcuera, […]